Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC Use Chat to Engage New Clients

04 Sep

Divorce lawyers Columbia SCStudies have revealed that more visitors are spending less time when they first visit a website than ever before. People have their information at their fingertips, and they do not have the patience to wait around for information any longer. The average visitor to a website will decide in 5 seconds or less if they are going to stay or hit that back button and leave. This means you have to do everything possible to engage each visitor and make them feel like valued customers. Some smart divorce lawyers in Columbia SC have discovered that one of the most effective ways to do this is by installing an inexpensive chat button feature on your website.  To see it in action visit them at: http://columbiaattorneygroup.com

Having a chat feature on your website scares many website owners because they feel like they now much sit and monitor the website day and night so that when a visitor has a question they can be answered immediately. This is not the case, and adding this feature has so many more benefits that you will wonder how you went without it for as long as you did. If you are near the computer several hours a day, the chat button can be programmed to notify you by a distinct right on your PC or smartphone, so you can quickly reply to the question and engage the visitor. If you are working on your computer all day, if you get a few questions each hour that should not distract your day too much anyway. These little questions also have the potential to turn into very nice size orders where these people go from visitor to loyal customers.

Even if the visitor does not use the chat button, seeing a chat button gives them that sense that a person is on standby 24/7 and ready to help if needed. That little boost of confidence can help them to make the decision to purchase more easily, knowing help is a click away. If you want to stand apart from your competition who use change during normal business hours, you can hire a service for a small fee to monitor the chat when the store is closed, so they can answer easy questions or direct the visitor to the pages they need. These operators can also take contact information and promise a follow-up from the store manager during business hours. This little contact can make the difference from the visitor leaving, or waiting for you to reach out to them the next day.