Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer Makes a Good First Impression!

03 Sep

Charleston Personal injury lawyerPerfect communication is the most central aspect of all websites. Most people who visit your website are looking for some particular piece of information that will help them in one way or another. If your website does not make a good first impression, it’s very obvious that your visitors will leave it within the first 10 seconds. This Charleston personal injury lawyer shows us how people are ruled by their emotions, if you start your articles with a personal story, it’s very likely that you will capture their mind as they want to learn more about your organization, products and services. Good stories inspire people to read more and also motivate them to pay some attention.  Please Check out their website to see how they made a great first impression:

1. A Good impression attract visitors
When visitors land to your site, they should see a clear and intuitive path that easily directs them to the information they are looking for. Your website design should be attractive enough in a way that present your priorities and immediate goals. The landing page content should be well arranged, H1 to H6 tags should be well formatted and highlighted in bold colors. An ultimate, engaging and well optimized website can do a lot of wonders that can make visitors to keep on returning to the same web page. Depending on your website niche, everything should reflect your brand in a positive and professional manner.

2. Always keep your content simple and flowing
A visitor has less than 10 seconds to determine whether your website is trustworthy enough to provide the required information. If you want to easily capture your visitors whole attention, be classic and keep everything simple. Always make sure the descriptive parts of your articles are flowing in an easy way that will not confuse your visitors. Important facts and all relevant information should appear in italic and bold letters. Always use keywords that are easy to understand for your site visitors. Most sites have a high tendency of focusing on “search engine results-page rankings” instead of engaging content that help their site visitors. When you are designing your website landing page, you should always keep your visitors interest at hand and not the search engines bots.

3. Offer great value to your visitors
If your site visitors stays for more than 20 seconds at a particular web page, then you probably know that they are interested with your brands, services and products. In most instances, first-time customers are not always ready to make a purchase, most visitors are always shopping around and learning more about the subject. Once you add valuable content to your sites, all visitors will keep on returning to it for more tips and best practices. Returning customers will inform their friends and share your site with industry peers that will keep coming back for more useful information as you establish your niche or brand.