How to Market Mortgage Rates Charleston SC

02 Sep

Mortgage Rates Charleston SCWhen it comes to marketing to people who are looking to purchase or refinance their mortgage, you have to really be proactive to stand out in the crowd. Nothing is more difficult than competing for the clients looking for mortgage rates Charleston SC. This industry has exploded in recent years, and more companies are trying to attract the same number of homeowners or potential buyers each day. To separate your company from the crowd, consider a few of these effective mortgage broker marketing tips.  And, feel free to visit them at:

The Mortgage Calculator
It is one thing to tell your audience that you can save them money on their mortgage, it is another to show them exactly how much money they can save. Install a mortgage calculator on your website, with clear instructions on how to input the numbers. If you have a email subscription list, send out a friendly message to all that you now have this tool, and encourage them to share with friends and coworkers. Make certain you have a calculator that works as an app, the majority of people are now using their mobile devices to go online and should be able to use the calculator easily from their devices.

Connecting to Social Media
Regardless if your method of communication with your customers is a website or a mobile app, you need to be connected to social media to keep your company in front of the customers. Your customers might not need to utilize your services today, but if their friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors need mortgage help, being in front of the client will put you in the best position for a referral. Stop blasting sales messages all day on your social account, rather post helpful tips and hints for free, positioning yourself as an authority in this competitive industry. This way when they do need help, your name will instantly come to mind.

Your Email Signature
One of the most overlooked places to market you mortgage broker company is your email signature. This is the perfect place to put a link to your website, your app, your telephone number, and your social media website. Many people access their mail via their mobile device, so they can instantly follow the link and save your information in their contacts. Now they can find you in a second, or if they are approached by a friend or coworker looking for advice on their mortgage, they only need to share your information to be able to put you in contact with a new potential customer.